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A Healthy Smile from the Start

Here at Deer Creek Dental, we value lifetime preventative care. Many people put off orthodontic treatment for their children until they’re older. However, correcting orthodontic issues using interceptive orthodontics while your children are young (3 to 13 years old) has been proven to stop the onset of more complex orthodontic problems later on.

By practicing interceptive orthodontics, we’re able to help guide the proper development of teeth. By creating the necessary room for teeth early on, the cost and time needed for orthodontics later in life can be greatly reduced or completely avoided.

Interceptive orthodontics represents the first phase of malocclusion treatment by utilizing appliances to lay the groundwork for proper spacing and jaw bone growth as well as counteracting bad habits, such as thumb sucking.   

The Benefits of Interceptive Orthodontics 

•    Often allows for alignment of teeth without uncomfortable metal wires and brackets
•    Affordable pricing (1/2 to 1/3 the cost of traditional braces)
•    Reduces and often prevents the need for orthodontic treatment later in life
•    Helps your children achieve an aesthetically pleasing smile, but more importantly, corrects dental issues and improves the quality of their health
•    Identifies possible issues such as overbite, crowding, spacing and TMJ
•    Allows us to monitor the development and growth of teeth to ensure correct alignment
•    Corrects harmful oral habits and can aid children undergoing speech therapy
•    Fast results, ultimately resulting in fewer dental office visits
•    Teeth in proper alignment are less prone to trauma and injury due to sports or other activities

Signs that Your Child Could Benefit from Interceptive Orthodontics

•    Early or delayed loss of baby teeth
•    Habits such as thumb sucking, mouth breathing or cheek biting
•    Teeth and jaw are disproportionate to the face
•    Underbite or overbite
•    Difficulty chewing and biting
•    Use of pacifier past the age of 2.5 years old
•    Chronic allergy or airway issues

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